Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paintings from the Past

I realized today that I had some pictures taken of some of my older Paintings a couple of months ago. Now I would like to share these with everyone, some of pieces are not finished yet, and I would love some suggestions. Please enjoy!

"Italian Tree"
oil paint, chalk pastel on canvas

"Blue and Orange Building"
Oil paint, Collage Materials, on Canvas

"Shane in Italy'
Oil on Canvas

"Handful of Heads"
Gauche, Ink, Charcoal, on Paper

"Untitled, Unfinished"
Gauche, Ink, Charcoal, on Paper

"Ode to Rauschenberg"
Gauche, Ink, Colored Pencil, Transfered Images on Paper

"Huge Puppy, Little Family"
Watercolor, Ink, Transfered Images on Paper

"Elephant, Bird, House"
Ink, Transfered Images, Collage Materials on Paper

Marker, Transfered Images on Paper

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